I took a little mini vacay to head home to Michigan for a few days. The best part of heading home? I didn't tell my family that I was going to be in town. I kept it a secret and gave them a wonderful surprise for my mom's birthday.

I had been planning this for quite some time which made it even harder to keep it a secret, but I did. I arrived in Michigan in the morning, and then had to wait all day for my mom to get out of work so I could surprise her at home.

Once I knew she was out of work, I got in the car with my friend Brandy and we headed to her house. I gave Brandy the camera to record this great surprise, and I got out and hid behind the car.


Now, my family isn't a big 'jump-up-and-down, scream, and get all excited' type of family, but when I heard the surprise in their voice and saw the tears, I knew they were excited.

Happy Birthday mom! I hoped you enjoyed having me in town for a few days - I know I did! :)


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