One man is warning others after a piece of ice blew off a vehicle in front of him and landed him in the hospital.

Martin Burger is lucky to be alive after the vehicle he was driving was struck by ice that flew off another vehicle and crashed through his windshield.

Credit: Martin Burger Shannon Helferty/Facebook
Credit: Martin Burger Shannon Helferty/Facebook

Martin describes how he was driving along a highway in Ontario, Canada when the incident occurred.  Martin says he was driving, and a car was coming in the opposite direction on the roadway when "a chunk of ice flew off the oncoming vehicle. I saw the ice spinning towards our windshield, I heard the impact and saw the windshield shatter, what I did not expect was the ice came through the windshield and struck me in the face. Something came over me and I was able to remain calm and pull my vehicle safely off the road. My son called 911 and I was transferred" to a local hospital.

Fortunately, Martin's young son was not injured in the incident.

Martin says he's telling his story and sharing the photos of the aftermath of the incident so that drivers realize how critical it is to clear your car of snow and ice completely before you hit the road.

Remember, in New York State it's illegal to drive with your vehicle covered in snow anyway.