New York City is famous for many things and now the Big Apple has the dubious distinction of being known as the city with the most spoiled kids in America.   According to, kids in Brooklyn aren't too far behind when it comes to being super spoiled. 

Bundle examined three year spending habits of parents at stores that sell clothes, toys and other services for children.  New York and California each had two cities place in the top ten.

The Ten Cities For Spoiled Kids:

NYC, Brooklyn, Miami, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Dallas, Atlanta, LA, San Diego and Fort Worth.

On the flip side, here are the ten top cities Bundle sited as having the least spoiled kids:

Madison, Saint Paul, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Columbus, Tuscon, Raleigh, Alexandria, Washington DC and Phoenix.

Do you think Central New York has really spoiled kids?  Are you guilty of spoiling your kids?