The response to our first Gift of Music program has been tremendous.  We are spending the day at Sangertown Square Mall's center court collecting used musical instruments that will be given to Utica's Proctor High School band.

Trumpets, clarinets, flutes, guitars, drums and even a keyboard have been donated.  It has been especially fun to hear the stories that go with each of those instruments.  One man played in the Proctor band many years ago, but hasn't touched his trumpet since.  He was happy that it will go to another student who will give it a new life.  Another listener brought a clarinet that his parents made him play when he was a teen.  He wasn't sad to say goodbye to that memory.  One special story came from a woman who donated her uncle's trumpet.  He had played it before going off to the Navy.  Sadly, her uncle never returned home as he was killed when his ship was attacked in the South Pacific. He would be very glad that someone will now bring his trumpet back to life in the Proctor High band.

Gift of Music

All of those instruments will go to Samco Music of Dolgeville for reconditioning.  They will then be ready for Proctor High School students who simply can't afford to purchase or rent them.  This is a great gift for a student who wants to develop their talent.

We thank our many listeners who parted with those special memories and made a donation.  We also thank the Carbone Auto Group for joining us for this great program.


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