The internet is blowing up about this video of a college university performing Adele's 'Hello.' But why is everyone making such a big fuss about it?

The video has been all over YouTube, Facebook... everywhere! People are going crazy for this performance of Adele's 'Hello.' According to the Huffington Post,

Southern University's marching band, known as The Human Jukebox, performed a passionate rendition of "Hello" at the Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands...

A lot of people have been leaving comments on the video, talking about how amazing the performance was - Especially the 'drop' in the song.

Don't get me wrong, the performance is great, BUT the 'drop' that everyone is talking about... Well, honestly I didn't like it. I didn't think is was as amazing as everyone says it. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's the fact that it was recorded instead of hearing it live... I'm not sure.

I'll let you decide for yourself - What do you think of this performance? Is it as amazing as everyone says? Is that 'drop' as mind-blowing as the internet is saying it is?




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