Adele's 'Hello' continues to be a huge hit across America, and all across the world. Musical genius Anthony Vincent covers her song in the style of 25 different popular music artists.

Anthony Vincent is the man behind 'Ten Second Songs' - where he's covered everything from Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse,' to Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood.' And he always covers the songs by imitating numerous artists. He doesn't just imitate an artist's voice, he does the entire musical sound of that artist (or group). It's quite a masterpiece.

In this cover of Adele, Anthony uses the musical styles of artists and groups like Electric Light Orchestra, Donna Summer, Backstreet Boys, Prince, Lil Wayne, and of course, Adele herself. And that's just a few of the styles - He doesn't just cover them, he actually sounds like that artist or group - vocal-wise, and music-wise.

Check out this 'Ten Second Songs' cover of Adele's 'Hello.' Seriously, you won't be disappointed.




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