Florida's Marco Rubio was selected to give the Republican Response to the State of the Union address.  The talk of the speech, especially on Twitter, is a big swig of water.  We've got the video for you.

There's nothing wrong with a speaker needing to wet his whistle, but the bottle was placed far from Rubio causing a big lean across the screen.  If you missed it live, here's the gif:

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Here's a longer version of the Big Swig from YouTube:

This probably won't play well for consituants back in Florida.  Poland Spring is bottled from sources in Maine and available mainly in the Northeast.

The best known bottled water from Florida is Zepherhills.

Of course, the Marco Rubio memes have already started.  First from Lite 98.7 alum Peter Naughton:

rubio meme
Peter Naughton
Eric Meier/TSM
Eric Meier
Eric Meier

Here's a blank jpeg to make your Rubio Water Meme:

Rubio Blank Meme

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