Watching the State of the Union address, sitting behind President Obama is Vice President Joe Biden.  The position is the customary spot for the VP, in his ceremonial role as President of the Senate.  Perhaps you were unnerved by Biden's eyes.  Here's what happened.

The Vice President, according to Huffington Post, apparently suffered a scratched cornea caused by a contact lens.

I know I've watched too many alien shows and listened to too much late night talk radio, because my first thought is that Biden looked reptilian.

The reptilian theory is one put forth by conspiracy theorist David Icke. He theorizes that a race of shapeshifting aliens is running the planet.  The dark eyes of Icke's reptilian overlords look just like poor Joe Biden's injured cornea.

And it's not a Republican Democrat thing.  This video portends to show former President Bush with reptilian features.

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