President Obama will deliver his 5th State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 28th at 9 pm ET. What can we expect to, or should we anticipate from our President ?

First off, as in speeches past, a group of extraordinary Americans will join our First Lady, Michelle Obama in the viewing box at the Capitol. Which outstanding women do you think should join the First Lady this year? Perhaps, Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden or ACA Secretary Kathleen Sebelius or even Wendy Davis?

Secondly, according to Business Insider:

He should tell Congress that he will send them a deficit-neutral bill in the upcoming weeks specifically focused on helping the long-term unemployed.

Even as the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.7% much of our work force is still in need of assistance in job training and businesses need wage subsidies.

Thirdly, The Hill tells us that:

The address will include a “healthy dose” of the income inequality message the White House has focused on in recent weeks, according to one senior administration official familiar with the text.

It's expected that he'll criticize those who blocked extending the federal unemployment benefits that expired last month. He may again ask for the Federal minimum wage to increase to keep up with the cost of living.

And finally, The Washington Post reports:

The President may focus the successes of the Affordable Care Act. We may hear about the millions of Americans through the Medicare expansion, remaining on parents policies and now being able to buy into the system, are now insured.

Obama is likely to highlight the fact that more than 2.1 million Americans already have enrolled in state and federal marketplaces, as well as the expanded coverage they have now because of the law's new requirements.

You can get ready for the speech by going to this site and you can take a behind the scenes look at it's preparation from the official White House photographer by clicking here.