The Great New York State Fair unveiled the 2017 Butter Sculpture. The sculpture honors New York State Troopers, and features a calf named Trooper who was born at the Fair's Birthing Center last year.

Credit: Terri DiNitto
Credit: Terri DiNitto

Terri DiNitto of Marcy, took the photograph of the calf with two NYS Troopers that ultimately inspired the butter sculpture. Terri is a dairy farmer at the DiNitto Farm in Marcy, NY.

The NY Animal Agriculture Coalition, which sponsors the Birthing Center, called the sculpture an "udder miracle" in a Facebook post, saying:

The 49th annual Butter sculpture was just unveiled and features the final calf, named Trooper, born last year at the exhibit with the State Troopers who watched over us last year. What an honor! 

This years butter sculpture is sponsored by Wegmans. According to a press release, "the Butter Sculpture is created and operated by Syracuse-based American Dairy Association North East, which represents all dairy farmers in New York State. The butter used to make the iconic sculpture comes from New York sources." 

The Great New York State Fair runs from August 23 until September 4, 2017. The butter sculpture is on display in the Dairy Products Building.



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