While you're out at the Great New York State Fair this year, you can help one of our area food trucks get the recognition and honor they deserve.

The New York State Fair has announced their participants in the 2017 Taste NY Food Truck Competition and one of the best food trucks from our area will be part of the contest. "Come Fry with Me," from Rome will be in the competition showcasing their Taco Fries. And if you've had their Taco Fries before, you KNOW how awesome they are.

There are two days of the competition with 20 food trucks competing each day. "Come Fry with Me" will be featured on the second day, September 3rd. You can buy samples from the food trucks (including "Come Fry with Me") for $3 and vote for your favorite food truck.

Each day a "People's Choice Award" will be given to the food truck with the most votes. There will also be a "Judge's Choice Award" given to the best food truck named from a panel of food experts.

This is the second year "Come Fry with Me" is participating in the Taste NY Food Truck Competition. Let's help them take home the "People's Choice Award" this year!

The Great New York State Fair runs from Wednesday, August 23rd (their new "preview day") through Labor Day Monday, September 4th.





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