It was voted as "Best of Utica" for their tomato pie and if you hadn't had a chance to try it, it's now too late. A Marcy Pizzeria is officially closed.

John's Pizzeria on River Road is no longer open. And it seemed to close without warning. One day we grabbed a few slices for lunch, and the next week the doors were closed with a sign posted over their hours:

Sign Posted Over the Business Hours at John's Pizzeria in Marcy
Luke Austin/TSM

The pizzeria was a go-to place for a quick lunch, many would just stop in and grab a slice or two, then head back to work. They also specialized in subs, wings, calzones, and pasta. For any of your pizzeria favorites, John's Pizzeria had you covered.

So what caused the pizzeria to close its doors?

According to a source close to the Pizzeria, John's was forced to close after the current owner had difficulty find employees, especially pizza makers.

John's Pizzeria in Marcy
Luke Austin/TSM

This means John's Pizzeria is up for sale. If you or someone you know is interested in the building and/or location, head to Candella's (right next door), and let them know. They'll give you further information.





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