And I did  it all by myself. Have you ever injured yourself to the point you needed medical attention? I did. As you can see in the picture, my umbrella is held together with duct tape and I'll keep it that way. Last year I attempted to screw onto the broken wood a splint and that part of the repair went well. So now I've got screw tips popping through the wood threatening to tear into the fabric. I know, I'll get a hack saw and saw them! As I was sawing, the blade slide off the tip of the wood and into the tip of my finger nearly decapitating it. Right away I knew I needed stitches and off to Urgent Care I went. But first I ran across the street and asked my neighbor for help loading my 2 year old son into my car. Fortunately my wife works at Slocum Dickson where I went so she grabbed Dylan while I got stitched up. I can still feel numbness in my fingertip reminding me daily, just buy a new one or hire a pro.