O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, why is setting you up so difficult to me? Well, it's really not that bad. The only trouble was the lights that were half burnt out so I went out and grabbed a couple of new stands for this year. We now invite you to put on a Christmas tune or listen to what's provided while watching Dylan & dad put the tree up with it's lights and decorations, in high speed video.

It's great having a five year old around to go behind the tree and hold the clump of lights for daddy. Dylan really enjoyed digging out the hanging ornaments from the box and putting them on the tree. We actually put up two trees over the weekend. One upstairs in the living room and this one downstairs in the man cave. Last year the upstairs tree was a natural tree that needed watering and plenty of clean-up work. The water actually warped a couple of planks on the hard wood so this year we decided to go all artificial. Do you have your tree or trees up yet? C'mon, we're just a couple of weeks away from the big day, you should be in the spirit by now.

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