It's easy to remember my son's birth date. 10/9/8. Yesterday he turned 3, wow, it goes by so quickly. On Saturday we invited family & friends over for a big party. And for those of you who couldn't make it, thank you for your well wishes and gifts. Here is a top 5 list of Dylan favorite things at his 3rd birthday party.

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    The Balloons

    One of our guests had a knack for twisting balloons into animals and shapes and Dylan really enjoyed that. The silly string was enjoyed by the kids as well.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media
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    The Birthday Cake

    You would think the birthday cake would be higher on the list but Dylan had a hard time blowing out the trick candles and he only had one piece. Plus the singing of 'happy birthday' seem a little odd to him.

    Vanneat San
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    The Gifts

    We really weren't expecting so many gifts. People would ask what should we give him and I'd say, "just get him a little toy truck or candy". Well, as you can see Dylan cleaned up!

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    Playing With New Toys

    Dylan received lots of new cloths but, it was the football, the toy guns and the remote controlled car that kept a smile on his face all afternoon. Puzzles and educational games are yet to be opened, and we're sure they will delight him as well.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media
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    The Disco Bouncy House

    Most likely the most fun gift daddy has got Dylan so far in his 3 years is his very own bouncy house. Saturday night we took it to the next level. When it got good and dark out, which is around 8pm these days, we added a light show to the area. Most of the kids had left by then but some stayed on to join Dylan in the disco bouncy house, his favorite thing about his birthday party.

    Mark Richards Townsquare Media