So what did you do this weekend? I'll tell ya, the highlight of  my work escape weekend was mowing the lawn and washing/waxing the cars.

You may have heard my son Mark turned 17 on Saturday and he took great pleasure in washing and waxing his new car...well a 2000 Plymouth, but it's new to him.

My wife on the other hand chose to have a local detail shop do her car, but I did my by hand and now every scratch, ding and dent really shines on my truck.

Well, the weekend draws to a close soon and shortly I'll be going to bed because Monday morning is going to be busy. We'll find our May anniversary couple, we'll know who the next workplace of the week is, I'll give you the details on the Great May Get-Away and...(drum roll) I'll call the grand prize winner in Girls Gone Diva. Will you win the Prada purse? If you've entered, keep a phone handy, I just might be calling. Join me 5:30 to 10am.