Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares, as long as there's bacon with the eggs. The real question is whether you mow the lawn or weed whack first.

Depends on who you ask.

At our house, Dave mows first and then weed whacks. (If we're being honest, sometimes he weed whacks DAYS afterwards - yes, it makes me insane.) He takes this approach because you see a big result when you mow, (read: it shuts me up about the lawn.) Also, he hates yard work.

My opinion is that you weed whack first so all those clippings get mowed over by the mower. And also, then there's a chance in hell that both things will be done within the same 72 hour stretch.

What do the experts say?

Well, turns out I'm right (ha ha ha DAVE!)

LifeandLawns.com says the correct order is:

Trimming, mowing, edging, blowing.

Here's their explanation:

"I want you to weed whack first so that any long bits of grass or weeds fall into the lawn and get sucked up and ground in to smaller bits by your lawn mower. This leaves everything super clean in the end.
If you mow regularly, you will be able to eyeball the height and how far away you should work from the obstructions. After mowing, you do the edging. This is so the edges stand up super tall and don’t get pushed over from the mower wheels running across.
And of course, when that is all done, you need to use your blower to clean up the driveway and sidewalks. Done!"
Okay - how do YOU do your lawn? Mow first? Weed whack first? Open a beer first and watch the landscapers do it? What's your method?
While you're here: can you tell us if there's marijuana growing in our backyard?

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