Even in the wake of the Me Too movement there are still stories coming out about sexual harassment in businesses and in government. Former Governor Andrew Cuomo even resigned this year due to allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment.

You would think at this point there have been enough examples and situations in which people would learn lessons from the bad behavior of others. Well, that is clearly not the case as one Central New York server got off her shift Thursday to find an envelope with her name on it. The envelope was left on the windshield of her vehicle and when she opened it she was shocked at what was inside. At first the server thought maybe it was co-workers playing a prank, but then she said, "it's going to kill me not knowing who it was." Below you will see the letter with the names of the people involved redacted. The recipient of the letter sent it to me and gave permission for it to be shared.


Why in the world would anyone possibly think this kind of letter is okay? Not to mention the elementary school concept of checking yes, no or maybe. The unnamed server said she has no idea who sent it to her and neither did her co-workers. The letter instructs her to circle an option and return it to one of her unnamed co-workers. Again, why in the world would someone think this is okay? Let this open letter be a message to you who may have sent this and others like him (or her, who knows?). If you leave this letter for someone, you don't know who is going to come upon it or if there are cameras in the parking lot of the local eatery of which you left it. This kind of behavior is not okay and never was. Maybe a little note is one thing, but to suggest something like you are, while married, in my opinion is disgusting. When will people learn to be respectful?

Here Are The 23 Funniest Governor Andrew Cuomo Memes on the Internet

On Tuesday, August 10 Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his two week notice to the people of New York. He announced that in light of sexual harassment allegations and a scathing report on the topic from New York Attorney General Letitia James, he would be resigning effective Tuesday, August 24.

From the moment those words were uttered from his mouth, the memes began to fly. We were there to catch them.

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