The Masonic Care Community just received a donation that will help the community speed ahead.

Monroe Wheelchair aided by Townsquare Media, helped bring a donation of two motorized chairs to the Masonic Care Community. Together, the two new motorized wheelchairs will aid those at Masonic Care Community with mobility issues.


Masonic Care Community reports that one of the chairs has been given to a Korean War Vet. Now a double amputee living on campus, he says that the new chair was the best thing to ever happen to him.

He had been using an second hand chair that had a myriad of issues and he is a big man, so he needed a chair with some power!  He loves to fish and with this chair is now able to go on his own out to the Acacia pond (weather permitting) he also participates in a variety of activities. His body is strong as is his intellect, he just doesn't have the ability to ambulate on his own.


Masonic Care Community

Pictured At Top For The Donation:

From right to left - Rob Raffle, Executive Director of the Masonic Care Community; Doug Westerdaul President and CEO of Monroe Wheelchair; Warren Mundrick, Director of Rehabilitation Services at MCC; Colleen Reynolds, Director of Physical Therapy at MCC; Jessica Patterson of Monroe Wheelchair; Tara Zgoda, MCC Health Pavilion Administrator; Ray Caruthers, Townsquare Media; Tracey DeCarr, Director of Sales for Townsquare Media; and Dave Fuller of Monroe Wheelchair.