A Utica teacher has come up with a creative way to support her students during this school year, but she needs your help.

Katie Wiater is a 3rd grade teacher in the Utica City School District. This year, she'll have 24 students in her class, but because of COVID-19, they can't use her classroom library. Ms. Wiater is hoping that she can find a way to get books in the hands of all her students.

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On Facebook, Katie says, "each month I receive the Scholastic Book Club fliers to send home for students to share with their families and purchase books if they would like. Most families cannot purchase books to have at home or can’t make it happen more than 1-2 times a year. How cool would it be if ALL of my students could receive one free book every month?"

She's hoping she can find donors who are willing to step up and sponsor one of her students for the year. "Scholastic has books every month that are $1.00 I would LOVE for each of my students to be able to bring home one new book each month during the school year from September to June."

Katie says that would only cost $10 per child. You can reach Katie on Facebook if you're interested in donating. She is also accepting donations via Venmo at Katie-Wiater.

We applaud Ms. Wiater for thinking creatively. If you'd like to help out, let her know.


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