This July, The "Insane Inflatable 5K" is coming to Rome, and Matt and Naomi are gearing up for this "incredibly fun run."

Your "Workday Kickoff" crew is "pumped up" for the next "Insane Inflatable 5k," and it's coming to Griffis International Airport on July 16th Last year, Matt and Naomi placed a friendly wager on the race. According to Lite 98.7's site:

– Loser must buy winner breakfast on the following Monday morning

– Winner will create a sign for the loser to wear (all day) – with whatever the winner decides should be on it (Some kind of ‘I win, you lose’ type of deal)

Who won last year?! Well...


What kind of bet will they do this time around? That remains undetermined, but if you have any ideas, please let us know on our Facebook page, or give us a call at 721-0987. Naomi is seeking revenge, and is convinced Matt will lose.

If you'd like to compete in the event you can register by clicking HERE.


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