I'm very happy to announce that our midday girl Naomi Lynn will be waking up a little earlier now Monday through Friday.

Don't Worry Naomi will still be hosting your Lunch at the Lite Cafe, but she will also be co-hosting with me from 7 to 10 each weekday morning during "The Workday Kickoff." Naomi will be sharing her adventures and telling stories about her various experiences here in Central New York, and we 'll also be playing the best variety of songs from the 80's, 90's and now.

We'll still have your Morning Mindbender Trivia but it does have a new time; We're bumping it up from 6:50 to 7:20. We'll also have your birthdays at 7:40,  80's at 8, and your 8:20 Funnies. Feel free to call in and welcome our new co-hostess aboard at 721-0987.


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