My dear Aunt Clara is turning 100 later this month and her she's still got tons of energy!

My Aunt Clara may be nearly a century old but she's as sharp and quick witted as ever. I recently had a chance to visit her at the Masonic home. I went there to cheer her up after her hip surgery, but she's the one who ended up putting a smile on my face.

She loves watching basketball, and if it weren't for her recent surgery she'd probably be out there on the court showing up the best of them. She really is a remarkable woman. She still lives on her own, and the only assistance she receives is her daily meal deliveries.

Aunt Clara loves to play cards. Not only does she excel at kicking butt at gin rummy, but she also taught me how to play poker. I've played against her at least a dozen times. I beat her just once!  Later this summer we'll be celebrating her 100th birthday on the farm that she was raised on in Bridgewater. When I asked her how she wanted to celebrate her big day, she quickly chimed in: "we're swing dancing right?!"

A Baldwinsville woman recently turned 105. When a reporter from CNY Central asked her secret to longevity, she replied:

"Scotch, scotch every night.”

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