There's a new business coming to Little Falls and it brings you everything you need -  your coffee, snacks, and even games with good friends.

It's called "Meeples Mug House," and it's going to be a great way for people in the community to come together - Stop in for a hot coffee, maybe a sandwich or snack, and play a game or two. We live in an extremely fast-paced time, and it's nice to know there's a place you can go to slow everything down. You can't be in a hurry at Meeples Mug House, you gotta stay for a game! Anyone up for Scrabble? Or how about Power Grid?

OH! And you're probably wondering where the name "Meeples Mug House" actually comes from... Well, Laura Powers, Little Falls resident and co-owner of the cafe (along with her husband, Matt) says the name came from the combination of the two things they will be focusing on - Games and Coffee. "Meeples" comes from a game of Carcassonne, where a player fused the words "my" and "people" to describe the wooden pieces used in the game. And "Meeples" was born!

The owners say the menu will consist of light options, like grilled cheese paninis, different soups and chili, salads, and some snacks. Laura and Matt are also hoping to get their license to serve craft beer and wine.

Meeples Mug House isn't open just yet, but we'll keep you posted on when they plan to open their doors. They do have a tentative schedule:
- Thursday: 5pm - 9pm
- Friday: 5pm - 10pm
- Saturday: 2pm - 10pm
- Sunday: 2pm - 8pm

Right now, Meeples Mug House has over 100 unique games in their library, but they are hoping to add to that collection. Laura and Matt are accepting donations of used (as long as it's in good condition) board games and puzzles.

This business is going to be a great addition to Little Falls. Matt and Laura want to thank their families, the community, and many other individuals who have supported them and believed in their vision.

Once Meeples Mug House opens, make sure you stop by and say hello to Matt (and Laura, if she's there). Have a cup of coffee, maybe play a game or build a puzzle. Just take a minute to slow down from the demands of the day, and relax in a friendly atmosphere. You'll find Meeples Mug House at 598 East Main Street in Little Falls.

And you can also keep updated on the new cafe, by following their Facebook Page: Meeples Mug House.



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