Congratulations to Robin Astour, this month's Mom of the Month. Robin, who is from Marcy, was nominated by her daughter, Kayleigh. A few years ago, Robin was laid off from her job of 28 years. She put aside her own disappointment and sadness and turned to caring for her granddaughter, allowing her daughter to continue her education. Here's what Ashleigh had to say when she nominated her mom:

My mother, what can I say and where do I start? My mom is the most selfless person I know. After 28 years of working, my mom was laid off. This was very devastating and unfortunate for her, but it was a gift from heaven for me. At that time, I had an infant daughter and I had to have surgery. Mom to the rescue. She came to my home every day, took care of the baby, cooked, did the dishes and laundry, cleaned the house, and took care of me. Her new job never ended. She is still taking care of her precocious granddaughter, who calls her 'Ginga.' This has saved me a ton of money and has allowed me to continue my education. Because of mom, I now have my Master’s Degree; none of which would be possible without her help, plus my daughter has the very best care in the world. After mom spends her day with my family, she goes home and another full day begins. At home, there is my brother, the dog, cat, guinea pig, and dad. Needless to say, my mom has a very full plate. She does it all and she does it with a smile too. In between all of this she listens to all of our problems and troubles. She is always there to give us some of her wisdom, to laugh at our jokes and to wipe our tears. What doesn't mom do? Well, she never expects a "thank you," she never wants anything in return, nor does she take a vacation. She is so very giving and so very special. My mom is the most wonderful mom in the world. I cannot imagine where our lives would be without her love, help, and encouragement. We love you, we need you, and we appreciate you mom. On behalf of myself and my entire family, I nominate my mother, Robin Astour, "mom of the month."

It's clear that Robin has made a huge difference in the lives of her daughter and granddaughter.

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