Puck’s getting a dad on ‘Glee.’ The producers have cast a veteran prime time actor as the man who sired Puck, and it’s none other than former ‘Melrose Place’ bad boy Thomas Calabro. You my recognize him as the villainous doctor Michael Mancini on both the original and the failed reboot of the nighttime soap. Puck and his father are estranged, so this should be a meaty part for Calabro to sink his fangs into.

Ace Showbiz reports that Calabro’s debut as Papa Puck is slated for Episode 18 of Season 3, which means it should air some time in April. The show is currently on its winter hiatus and will resume airing brand new eps on April 10, so we’re psyched about the imminent return of ‘Glee’ and this casting coup. ‘Glee’ keeps things interesting with all the mid-season castings, especially when it comes to the lead character’s parents.

Calabro did such a great job playing a baddie on ‘Melrose Place’ that we’re excited to see how he handles his paternal role on ‘Glee.’