With its easy access to the Adirondacks and other areas with fantastic trails, Central New York takes its hiking seriously. So, over the years the staff at Lite 98.7 has written a lot of blog posts about hiking--top places to hike, best haunted hikes, and great hiking routes in various towns.

The spring of 2018, however, brings a special warning about hiking from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Adirondack hikers should avoid high elevation trails. State officials feel the warning is timely, since the Memorial Day weekend (right through Memorial Day itself) is always a popular time for outdoor activities.

Late-season snowmelt and erosion has occurred this year, and as a result some trails are excessively muddy and therefore too dangerous for foot traffic. The DEC says hikers should not venture into areas with elevations any higher than 2,500 feet. That means trails in the Dix, Giant, or High Peaks regions are off limits right now.

Also, some seasonal access roads that are traditionally open at this time of the year have remained closed to vehicles. The DEC has more information about hiking and New York State's backcountry areas here.

So, happy trails this spring, and stay safe.


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