Some folx are getting ready to do the happy dance.


In 3 sleeps or less, (Sept 14) Mercury will stop it's slow drag in Virgo and those of us who are tired of glitchy tech, dropped calls, repeating ourselves and/or silly arguments over seemingly nothing-- can get back to whatever it was we were doing prior. If you're asking whet in the astrology I'm talking about-- here's a recap of Mercury Retrograde according to The Cut:

From August 23 through September 14, Mercury will move backward in the sign of Virgo. Symbolized by the virginal maiden (a representation of purity), Virgo is associated with logic, practicality, and structure, along with health, wellness, and hygiene. Fundamentally, Virgo wants to improve systems — to tweak, to refine, to make things better. And, because Virgo is known for its extreme meticulousness, on a bad day, it can certainly skew towards perfectionism or criticism.

Which, for the most part, doesn't sound like a bad thing right? But to answer the question-- Is Mercury Retrograde over over when it's over?



The Astrotwins, via Astrostyle say that Mercury Retroshade takes place from September 15-30. Yes, During Fall Equinox.


The second Mercury retrograde shadow is all about integration and processing. Sure, Mercury retrograde might throw our lives into a total tailspin, but what are the golden lessons to glean? What necessary losses and changes did Mercury retrograde prompt? Use the time Mercury turns direct to the end of its shadow to make big, bold changes.

Whew. That doesn't sound too bad.

And yes. There are some wuwu things you can do to maximize the seasonal shift to fall as you process insights and such. I've got you covered.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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