More than your tech acting wacky during certain times of year, Mercury Retrograde can impact what you communicate and how "what" you are communicating impacts the whole of your life. And Mercury Retrograde is upon us. Like, soon. Like, August, 23, 2023 soon. But did you know that there is "pre" Mercury Retrograde that can also wreak havok on your life before the actual Mercury Retrograde happens?!



According to Lisa Stardust for Today, it's called:

"Mercury retroshade is the "shadow period" of Mercury retrograde.Two weeks before Mercury goes retrograde, we may start to experience shifts related to travel, news, information, gossip and technology. Think: Rumors spreading, technological fails (like forgetting your password, missed connections and beyond."


And guess what? "Mercury retroshade has been happening since August 4. So if you've been feeling out of sorts and/or your tech and gadgets have been acting kooky, maybe knowing how Mercury can impact such things can be helpful.


But guess what else? When the retrograde ends, we're still not out of the woods. The second half of Mercury retroshade-- happens AFTER Mercury Retrograde-- like, "after the club is the afterparty".


Lisa Stardust says it's supposed to "bring clarity" and to "expect things come to light."

The Astrotwins, via Astrostyle add this.

The second Mercury retrograde shadow is all about integration and processing. Sure, Mercury retrograde might throw our lives into a total tailspin, but what are the golden lessons to glean? What necessary losses and changes did Mercury retrograde prompt? Use the time Mercury turns direct to the end of its shadow to make big, bold changes.

For example, maybe you realize that your jerk of a boyfriend was actually just responding to YOU being subtly critical of his every move. Eek! The second half of the shadow is when you could practice a new, empowering way of speaking to him and address conflicts. This could be the relationship rescue remedy you need.

The Mercury Retrograde afterparty aka "post-shadow period" is slated to take place from September 15 to September 30.


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