Perhaps you've stumbled on this viral video, it's one of the hottest on YouTube right now.  The title is vague: "This Video Should be Seen by the Entire World!"  I don't want to say too much about this until you've seen it.

So view it now (some scenes are disturbing to watch), and meet me again below the video.

The video is stark and startling.  If you've ever heard about the great Pacific Garbage Patch you know that our oceans are filled with trash.  Shockingly, it appears our waste is ending up in the stomach of sea birds.  The birds are dying e horrific deaths; their stomached filled with indigestible plastic.

The video above is a trailer for the film Midway.  Filmed on Midway Island, which is a US Territory located near Hawaii, the movie documents the plight of these birds, they're albatrosses, who are doomed to death because of plastic consumption.