Even though the ceremony was held in Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal, Miley Cyrus managed to push the envelope and shock America once again. She dug into her Chanel bag, retrieve a marijuana cigarette and light it up while making her acceptance speech.

PopCrush reports:

"According to sources, Cyrus was smoking pot backstage, as well. But her antics failed to impress, with one insider saying, "No one was expecting it to happen. It was so brazen, so shameless. It was so uncalled for."

As for her other antics during the night? She donned a Tupac vs. Biggie "dress" on the red carpet, flashing skin. Her first performance opened the show, as she got the party started with a major production of 'We Can't Stop' while wearing a clingy silver dress, creepers and while surrounded by little people are more. She descended to the stage in a spacecraft.

After proving once again, she is no longer 'Hanna Montana' and not a role model for our kids anymore, Miley returned to the stage and performed 'Wrecking Ball' wearing a white bodysuit and singing in front of a giant screen of her own crying face.  We have to admit that while everyone will be talking about the smoking pot shock, we'll have to admit that she really can sing.

Thanks once again to PopCrush for the videos and the winners list;

Watch Miley Cyrus Perform 'We Can't Stop' at EMAs

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