14 million viewers watch the critically-acclaimed ABC comedy ‘Modern Family’ at its regular time, but if you add in the 4.5 million who watch a recording of it later, that number actually jumps to 18 million. So not only is it one of the best shows on television with exceptional ratings, it’s also the most recorded.

We live in a world now where TV networks add in DVR numbers when they’re trying to figure out what the ratings are for their shows. And ‘Modern Family’ isn’t the only show that sees an increase in viewership if you add in time-shifted numbers.

CBS’ ‘Two and a Half Men,’ ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the new Fox sci-fi drama ‘Terra Nova’ all saw more jumps of more than 3 million viewers when the DVR numbers are added in. NBC’s ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Prime Suspect’ also saw big gains.

Another winner is Fox’s ‘Fringe,’ which has an average of 3.3 million viewers on Friday nights (always a rather slow night of TV since a lot of people go out). That number jumps to five million with DVR numbers added in.

Other top DVR shows include Fox’s ‘Family Guy,’ CBS’ ‘NCIS,’ Fox’s ‘The New Girl’ and ‘The X Factor,’ and the CBS comedies ’2 Broke Girls’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

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