A Syracuse area man claims he's owed a large sum of money for writing the theme song to TV's " The Big Bang Theory," and he wants his former band mates to pay up.

When we chatted with Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket, he mentioned that he was planning on staying at one of his good friend's house while he was visiting Central New York. It turns out, his buddy is Fayettville's Steven Page, former front man, of the Indie band, "Bare Naked Ladies."

Steven wrote and performed the theme song to CBS's smash hit " The Big Bang Theory," and claims he is owed at least $200,000. He is suing his former band, for his fair share of the profits because he hasn't seen a dime. TMZ reports:
< blockquote>According to legal docs, Page claims he was promised 20% of all proceeds from the song. He says band member Ed Robertson is the only one collecting and has kept all the money for himself.

Page believes the song has generated at least $1 million in revenue, and now he wants to see his chunk of cash.

Here's the theme song to " The Big Bang Theory."

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