With gas prices well below $2.50 a gallon, we aren't hearing much complaining about the cost, as opposed to when gas was well over $3.00 a couple years back.  The price per gallon does seem to be inching upwards from month to month.

If you take a look around Upstate New York, you will find that prices here in the Mohawk Valley are higher than in most other areas.  For instance, according to gasbuddy.com, the average cost for a gallon of regular in the Utica zip codes is $2.38.  The lowest reported price is 2.29.

In Herkimer, the average is $2.40, with the lowest reported price at $2.32.  In Rome, the average is now $2.33 per gallon, with the lowest price in the copper city at $2.27.

However, travel west in the direction of Syracuse, and you'll find lower prices.  The salt city average is $2.27, with the lowest reported price at $2.12.

And if you go east, you'll find prices slightly lower than we have in the Mohawk Valley.   The average price per gallon in the Albany zip codes is $2.28 per gallon, with the lowest price reported at $2.15.

By the way, go to Cooperstown, and the average is $2.44.  The prices only vary by pennies per gallon.  But if you drive a lot, those gallons add up.

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