Thousands of parents suddenly find themselves as head teacher in their own homeschool. One mom put together a 'realistic' schedule of how her days are looking.

The shutdown of school across New York State has given parents a whole new appreciation of how tough it is to be a teacher, especially since many are now thrust into the role of head teacher.

Some seasoned homeschoolers have been sharing typical daily schedules online, but for some moms, it's just not realistic.

Andrea Zingerman is one of those moms. She says she 'fixed' the schedule, making it slightly more realistic.

Daily activities on Andrea's schedule include "Stare at squirrel outside. Fight over what to name it. Whine for snack/iPad/TV."

From 1:37-3Pm kids can "Sneak candy from kitchen. LEAVE WRAPPERS EVERYWHERE."

Credit: Andrea Zingerman
Credit: Andrea Zingerman

How's it going at home with your kids?

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