You must be kidding me. A mom is facing FIVE YEARS in jail because she tried to catch the kids bullying her daughter by putting a tape recorder in her bookbag.

What mom wouldn't do this? This mom says she told her daughter's school about the bullying and the school didn't do enough to help her child. Mom tried to get the truth by recording the kids - so she stuck a recorder in her daughter's backpack. By the way, her daughter is in 4th grade and has allegedly been punched in the stomach and hit with a jump rope.

Find me a mom who wouldn't do anything to find out what was going on and help their child? I know I would. In fact, a recorder sounds like a pretty low-key, safe way to deal with something like this. You get the facts and let the school do what they need to do. That's good parenting.

Instead, in this case, the school confiscated the recorder, called the police and the mom is facing a felony and up to 5 years in jail. That's insane. Do you agree?

Wouldn't you do the same - or maybe something more?


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