There's that famous book that starts: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," and that's sort of how I feel today - my last on the morning show on Lite 98.7.

If you haven't heard - I'm leaving 'Beth & Dave in the Morning' as of today - and I'll tell you: it's really hard. I'm very excited to be headed to work with a friend, Matt Nimey, as the Director of Communications for his car dealership, Nimey's the New Generation  (see, I wasn't kidding when I told you he's one of the greatest people I know) but it's incredibly difficult to leave the show Dave (and Dave Wheeler) and I worked to build for years.

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It's an incredible privilege to be a part of your morning routine - whether you listened for minutes or hours. I have honestly loved every minute I've gotten to interact with you, whether online, on the phone, or in person (back when we could do that). I'd like to think I got to make you laugh or at least smile in the mornings. You make getting up at 3am worth it. I've had a chance to work with some incredibly talented people - and to feel so inspired on a daily basis is a real gift.

I'm looking forward to continuing to be a part of this community, to support the people and causes that are important to me, and to lend a hand or a voice wherever I can. That's always been a big part of who I am - and that will continue.

If you don't already, please find me on social media - like Facebook and/or Instagram - I hope we can stay connected. You never know what I have planned.

In the meantime - thank you so much for being a part of my life in such a big way, and for supporting our show for so many years. I am so grateful to you.

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