Take one minivan, a bunch of kids, and a blizzard and you get an opportunity for (hilarious) disaster.

We're so used to crazy snow in Central New York, we know all the precautions to take: have salt ready, keep a blanket in the car, make sure you've got your boots handy - oh, and close the door to the minivan.

That lesson was learned the hard way by Stephanie Hokanson. She lives in Minnesota, where they get as much snow as we do in CNY. Stephanie and her kids piled out of the family's minivan...but someone left the big sliding door open...in a blizzard. Now, her minivan is the perfect spot for Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. You could call it a "snowmobile".

Snow in Minivan

Stephanie says she and her fiancee say the mistake was really theirs, each thought the other had closed the door. Now the mom of 5 is left trying to figure out how to get out all that snow. "We tried scooping it out, with no luck, so shop vac it is!"

So what's the lesson here for those of us in Central New York? Make sure you shut the door...and the windows...and the sunroof, or your car could end up 'Frozen'.

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