A New Hartford mom is raising money to send meals to the coronovirus front lines: hospital emergency rooms.

Cindy Chan Phillips is a New Hartford mom, a nutritionist, and a member of the New Hartford School Board. She's started an initiative called the Front Line Appreciation Group (FLAG) to provide meals for the medical professionals at our local hospitals and ERs.

Cindy writes:
"All around the country, local hospitals are swamped and local restaurants are hurting. I feel very bad to see both struggling. I saw an idea to help send meals to the medical providers and staff who are working 12+ hour shifts and to help support our local restaurants as well. I talked to someone at St Luke's ER and he said they don't have time to go to the cafeteria to eat. Often they can't go depending on the type of patients they are helping."

"Yesterday and this morning, I spoke with St. Luke's ER, restaurants, and some friends of mine. I would like to see if we can raise some money to support local restaurants to deliver meals to them. A restaurant I spoke to wants to help and will offer meals at a reduced price. I hope other restaurants will help too."

Cindy says she has already raised over $500. You can donate to this fund via Venmo @CindyChanPhillips or click https://venmo.com/cindychanphillips to donate.

Cindy says she plans to feed the St. Elizabeth Emergency Room with those funds.

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