Everyone wants to believe their child or children would be respectful and polite in public, but what if you found out your child wasn't? One woman learned her daughters were misbehaving, and took to Facebook to fix the problem.


Child Yelling
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for New York Red Bulls)

No, she didn't publicly shame them. She didn't make them wear a sign that said they were disrespectful. This mother found the perfect way to teach her daughters a valuable lesson.

Kyesha Smith Wood dropped off her son, daughter, and step-daughter at the movie theater, only to find out later her daughters were rude, and ruined the movie for some of the other audience members in the theater. According to ABC News, one woman even approached the girls saying,

...her husband had been laid off and this was the last movie she would be able to take her daughter to for a while and my girls ruined that for her."


I think Wood handled this situation the best way she possibly could. She took to Facebook to find the woman who had her movie experience ruined. Wood posted:


This is a long shot, but I'm looking for a woman that was at Tannehill Premier tonight seeing Cinderella at 7pm. I...

Posted by Kyesha Smith Wood on Friday, March 27, 2015


The post was shared enough times with people in the community and all over that the woman eventually saw it, and contacted Wood. Wood made her daughters write apology letters and had the girls give the woman their allowance - that way the woman could go see another movie, and enjoy it this time.

Parenting in 2015 - Kyesha Smith Wood completely nailed it. She didn't shame her kids on social media, but she did make them do the right thing and make amends. I think she taught her daughters a valuable lesson, and hopefully they learn from this experience and behave better next time!




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