Now that Halloween is over, the holiday countdown begins. Next up? Thanksgiving.  You've probably heard that more stores will be open for shopping this year on Thanksgiving. I say what's the rush? Why not wait a day?Shopping on Black Friday? That's what it's all about for the unofficial start of the Christmas season.  Waiting in line at 4am or earlier to get the best deals.  Although I'm not going to do that, lots of shoppers love the thrill and craziness of low prices on Black Friday.  I get that.

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What I don't get is why you'd want to break up your Thanksgiving holiday to go shopping.  Why not wait a day? Thanksgiving happens just once a year, when families travel sometimes really long distances to be together for this special day.  Are deals and shorter lines so important that you'd rather be in a store than with family?

Let me be clear, this is a free country and stores have every right to be open.  I'm NOT calling for legislation to ban shopping on Thanksgiving.  But I am saying I think Thanksgiving should be about family and food, not getting lower prices. You won't be any better off financially or materially happier a year from now because you squandered your Thanksgiving to get a better deal on a TV or whatever you're buying.


Stay home this Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family, play with your kids or grandkids, watch the Macy's Day parade or Peanuts Thanksgiving special, go for a walk or sit and talk.  Start your shopping spree on Friday.  You and your family ultimately will be better off because of it and your memory of this Thanksgiving won't be a commercial one.

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One more thing.  I feel bad for those who'll have to work on Thanksgiving.  Even if they're going to make more money, I'm sure some of them would rather be at home than at work.