Some of these city and town names in New York will have you doing a double-take.

There are some very 'unique' names throughout the state of New York. Some of them seem to be named after everyday objects, some are fun to say, and others will have you asking, 'Where did they come up with that name?!' These are just a few we stumbled upon that have us scratching our heads.

Lackawanna - It's just fun to say, isn't it?

Mechanicville - If there isn't 10 different auto body shops in this city, then they're doing it wrong.

Almond - Because what's wrong with naming a town after a nut.
(and speaking of food...)

Chili - We wonder if they ever get the joke about it being 'chilly in Chili?'

Bath - "Yes, I'm from Bath, New York...' It just sounds... interesting.

Throop - This is more like a noise than a name, like an onomatopoeia.

Coxsackie - It's obvious why this one is on the list.

Java - Someone appreciates their coffee (or computer program).

Horseheads - We don't want to know how this town got their name. It's probably a pretty freaky story.

Lake Success - Is this like the "Fountain of Youth" except with success? If so, we want to take a dip.

Wawayanda - Kids who live in this area must love it when they first learn how to spell the name.

Scheghticoke - We're just bummed it's not pronounced like a little kid saying spaghetti like, 'sghetti-coke.'

Halfmoon - Uticans and Central New Yorkers should love this one.

Neversink - What could possibly sink? Is this a titanic reference?

Tuckahoe - Again, you should know why this one is on the list.

Don't forget about all the cities and towns in New York that are just people's names like Alfred, Angelica, Theresa, Diana, and Gerry (just to name a few).

And we saved our favorite for last. Congratulations to...

Butternuts in Otsego County.

You have the weirdest/most interesting name in New York.




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