If you live in New York, you know there is more to the state than New York City - even if most of the country doesn't realize that (including people in Colorado).

We sent a challenge to a radio station in Colorado - We asked them to name three cities in the state of New York. Three cities. It doesn't seem that hard, right? Well, most people can name at least one - New York City. But what about the rest of our state?

Okay, so the first guy is good. He must have lived in New York or has family from New York, or something. But the rest of the staff? They seemed to have a little more trouble.

Some people named New York City boroughs as different cities. Others just got stumped after naming one or two cities.

And congratulations to Buffalo, New York. It seems like they were the most named area besides New York City. That, and Albany received a few mentions.

How bad was their attempts to name New York cities? You can watch the slightly painful video at the top of this page.



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