Pizza? Chicken wings? Hats and broccoli? What if I told you all these answers are wayyyy off...

How could pizza NOT be the most popular food in New York? Or chicken wings? Something sounds a little wrong, doesn't it? This is one of those times where I think New York City and the rest of New York shouldn't be included in the same poll.

Okay, let me explain...

So, Tasty (you know the brand that posts all those great recipe videos on Facebook) recently posted a video on their Facebook Page naming "The Most Popular Food in Each State," based on people who actually live in that state. Answers ranged from lobster for Maine (sounds about right) to Cuban sandwiches in Florida (I can see that, too). But for New York??

Well, I think they got it wrong. At least it wasn't right for the ENTIRE state, maybe for more people in and around the City.

According to the video posted by Tasty, the most popular food in New York is...


Now, I'm not knocking bagels - They're delicious. Especially from the Bagel Grove in Utica.

BUT... As our all-time favorite food?! I don't think I agree with that statement. What about you - Do you think bagels are our state's favorite food? Do you think something else would fit us better? We would love to hear your opinion on this - Just leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.


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