A new study was published that researched the topic you're dying to know- What is the most popular Taylor Swift album in each state of America? Here's what we know about New York.

This study was done by Vegas Gems. Overall, it revealed that "Reputation" is Taylor Swift’s most popular album in the US, having the highest average monthly searches in all 50 states. "Reputation" takes first place in a landslide, registering 324,334.2 average monthly searches nationally and the greatest number of searches in all 50 states. An accomplice to this result is probably the long-awaited re-recording of the album.

Second on the list is "1989", whose original version was released in 2016, while the “Taylor’s Version” came out in November 2023. The album summed 205,940 average monthly searches and is the second-ranking album in 48 out of 50 states, minus Hawaii, and New Mexico. "Lover", first of the albums entirely under Swift’s ownership and released in 2019, comes third with 177,589.2 average monthly searches across the US, being the third most popular in 42 states and the second most popular in Hawaii and New Mexico, as mentioned above.

What Taylor Swift Album Is The Most Popular In New York State?

For New York State, the clear winner is "Reputation" in first place, followed by "1989", "Lover", "Midnights", and "Speak Now" in 5th place.

Josh Lingenfelter, a spokesperson for Vegas Gems, commented on the findings: “2023 has been proved time and time again to have been Taylor Swift’s year. From her outstanding ‘Eras Tour’ attendance to her concert movie, which came out this summer, from being elected TIME Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ to her new and highly talked about relationship with Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce, Taylor is on top of the world."

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