Say it ain't so - snow! But it is. There's snow expected in the forecast for Central New York this weekend.

After we all experienced such a beautiful first weekend of May, the National Weather Service is reporting "unseasonably" cold conditions into the weekend with several chance for rain and/or snow showers.

Credit: National Weather Service

It's unlikely but not impossible for our region to experience snow in May. In fact, we've seen several snow falls in the past. According to the Weather Channel, Upstate New York got hit back in 2002 after reaching 91 degrees on April 17th, then getting more than two inches May 18th. It's also possible to reach record temperature lows this weekend.

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Credit: National Weather Service

As temperatures drop from NW to SE on the back edge of the precip shield, some of the rain showers will mix with or change to snow. Could see some light snow accumulations by Saturday morning. Early morning temperatures will drop into the mid 20s to lower 30s. The effects of the cold air mass will continue to be felt through the day Saturday as the cold northwest flow kicks in and temperatures only top out in the upper 30s and lower 40s. An abnormally cold air mass...850mb temps around -10C...will likely
produce steep low level lapse rates and 100-200 J/kg of SB CAPE which may be conducive for convective snow showers and snow qualls Saturday afternoon. Could be one of those situations where surface temperatures are 36 to 42 F and it is still able to snow due to the much colder air aloft and the low SFC dew points (around 20F) allowing for efficient wet-bulbing into the lower 30s as the precip falls through the column. Snow amounts are still too difficult to nail down at this point.

Why ya gotta do us like this Mother Nature? It's May. We're already in the middle of a pandemic - is it necessary for snow too? We just want the sun.

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