We know breathing is important. But are many New Yorkers doing it wrong?

When Eleven from Netflix’s Stranger Things calls someone a “mouth breather,” what she doesn’t know is that a recent study has found that more than half of U.S. adults also label themselves as “mouther breathers.”

What may feel just like a bad habit, maybe even one that goes unnoticed, is the catalyst for many health problems down the line for both adults and children, especially in their developmental phases.

Mouth breathing may cause the following symptoms:

Onset sleep apnea
Dry mouth
Oral disease
Little energy, even after a night of sleep
Chronic fatigue
Brain fog
Poor posture

While these symptoms are both evident for adults and children, making sure your developing child is not a mouth breather or combatting issues immediately is important for it can interfere with their development in permanent ways.

Mouth breathing in children may cause the following symptoms:

Slower growth rate
Concentration issues
Enlarged tonsils
Developed “tired eyes”
Developed receding chin
Crooked teeth
Poor cheekbone definition
Smaller and narrower breathing airways

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Why does all this happen when you mouth-breathe?

It’s because our bodies are designed to breathe through our nose as it acts as a natural medical device. Our nasal hairs and mucus serve as a filters toxins, humidifies air, and produced nitric oxide which helps your blood vessels and circulation system.

Therefore, it goes without saying that breathing out of your nose is really vital to help your body properly develop, function, and thrive. If you or anyone you know is a “mouth breather,” it’s time to change that habit or, recognize what other problems may be occurring that you have to attend to for proper nasal breathing.

Take a deep breath and stay well.

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