Last year this "new" phenomenon called "quiet quitting" swept all through the interwebs with the fervor of a sentient tsunami. It was everywhere. The skits on TikTok alone and their accompanying hashtags could have had their own Netflix series:


and #worklifebalance

and #idontansweremailafter5

I made that last one up.

In case you missed it, according to this article titled, Is ‘quiet quitting’ a good idea? Here’s what workplace experts say:


To be clear, there’s no single definition of the term quiet quitting. For some, it means setting boundaries and not taking on additional work; for others, it just means not going above and beyond. Most, however, agree it does not mean you’re leaving the job.

So there's that.

But it turns out "quiet quitting" has evolved into something, eh, a bit more...well...more.


According to an article titled, 1 in 5 employees are ‘loud quitting.’ Here’s why it’s worse than ‘quiet quitting’

While quiet quitting is often regarded as a personal rejection of the hustle culture, some workers are no longer keeping discontentment on the down-low — instead, they are engaging in “loud quitting.”  Almost 1 in 5, or 18%, of global employees are loudly quitting or actively disengaged, according to a new report from Gallup of more than 120,000 global employees.


Gallop just released a report called State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report

Loud quitting is when “employees take actions that directly harm the organization, undercutting its goals and opposing its leaders,” according to Gallup. It’s a step beyond quiet quitting, but like that trend, it doesn’t always refer to someone who’s actually quitting.

The reason? Gallop says:

At some point along the way, the trust between employee and employer was severely broken. Or the employee has been woefully mismatched to a role, causing constant crises.


What Can Be Done?


If you're a larger employer of human people, probably take a cue from the writers' strike that morphed into the actors strike which probably inspired Amazon drivers, Starbucks employees, Los Angeles hotel workers and (more soon come) to also strike.

Give them what they want. Geez.

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