A mystery man warmed the hearts of onlookers when he stopped traffic to help a mama duck and her ducklings cross the road in Rome.

Lorreen Lisacki was driving along Erie Boulevard in Rome on a Friday when traffic came to a stop. She looked out her car window and couldn't believe what she saw: a man had stopped his vehicle to help a mama duck and her 9 ducklings cross the road - and then gently lifted them over the curb to complete their journey.

Credit: Lorreen Lisacki

Lorreen was so touched by what she saw, she quickly snapped a few photos and posted them on Facebook: "This just happened on Erie Blvd on a busy Friday afternoon! He and the driver stopped traffic to safely assist mama and babies across the road! I applauded and beeped! Still good people in Rome NY!!!"

Credit: Lorreen Lisacki

Throughout the comments on Lorreen's post, people were touched by the man's gesture - but one question remains - just who is this guy?

Do you know this man? Are you this man? Let us know so we can properly thank you for restoring our faith in humanity.