JR has been on vacation for the last few days so Naomi Lynn is by herself for this week's "Would You Rather" Question. Today, we're talking about losing two very important things.

No one likes losing anything - Whether it's your keys, your phone, money, or anything else in life. Well, you're going to have to choose which "thing" you would rather lose in this week's "Would You Rather" question.

It's going to be tough, we're not going to lie - But that's the fun of "Would You Rather." Alright, are you ready for the question??

Here we go...


Would You Rather:
Lose all the money you have now
(that includes anything in your bank account, cash you actually have in your wallet or at home, and any money left open on credit cards)
- OR -
Lose all the pictures you have ever taken
(that includes all hard copies, digital copies, and everything on your phone)

We told you it was a little tough this week! Tell us which one you would rather lose - You can vote in our poll below:

You can also tell us why you chose the the answer you did - Just leave us a message in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or leave us a note on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.




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